21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 10:33

      Saturday 13, December 2014

      WATCH: Animal Action protest as Harvey Nichols still sells fur

      ANIMAL Action have been campaigning against Harvey Nichols for the last 18 months seeking an injunction in order to prevent them from selling fur.


      And protesters have again gathered outside the store in the harsh weather conditions to encourage the public to stop buying from Harvey Nichols.


      They are also asking for people to send an email directly to corporate office to stop the fur trade.


      The vast majority of retailers have put forward an ethical policy not to sell fur within their stores however; the ‘luxury’ fashion retailer is one of the minority of chain stores which continues to sell fur.


      It has been 14 years since fur farming has been banned in Britain after parliament set the Fur Farming Prohibition Act in 2000.


      Harvey Nichols originally stopped selling fur however, recently began selling again due to public demand.


      Anti Fur Protester Helen Mckrell has been protesting as part of Animal Action for several years and says, “Harvey Nichols are the only store to sell fur in the UK, Manchester’s store is the only department store outside of London to sell fur.


      “So we’re asking the public to show some compassion this Christmas and not spend any money in Harvey Nichols until they stop selling real animal fur.


      “They did originally have a fur free policy, but they went back on that policy because a selfish minority still want to wear real animal fur.”


      Helen then explained that the store lies about the supply of its fur, “Harvey Nichols are lying to their customers saying that it is ethically sourced, if it was ethically sourced they would be able to sue us for complaining about it.


      “There is nothing ethical about it, there’s nothing ethical about imprisoning wild animals in wire mesh caging and it’s a disgrace.”

      Watch footage from the protest here.

      Animal skins were spread across the ground in plain sight in order to show the public what they are buying.


      Harvey Nichols did not respond when asked about their policy on selling fur.


      To see the full interview listen to Quays News radio show on Thursday at 4pm.


      By Ellie Robinson