23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 20-10-2014 10:33

      BLOG: Apple iPad Air 2 - what you need to know


      Apple has unveiled its thinnest iPad yet, the iPad Air 2, at its latest event in Cupertino.


      At 6.1mm thick, the new tablet claims to be the “world’s thinnest” by the technology company. The tablet also gains a “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor, along with the 40% faster A8X system-on-chip, which debuted on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last month.


      Apple’s slow-motion video mode also makes its way onto the tablet for the first time, enabled by the improved 8 megapixel camera.


      The new iPad was shortly followed by the reveal of the iPad mini 3, Apple’s refresh of its smaller tablet line. The new iPad mini also has a Touch ID sensor, but retains the A7 chip used on last year’s model.


      Despite the improvements, Apple’s NFC based payment system, Apple Pay, will not be making it onto the tablets. Although Apple have announced the iOS 8.1 update will enable the system for iPhone 6 owners.


      The new tablets will debut at £399 and £319, with pre-orders shipping this week.



      Although the tablets have new features they deliver few surprises as the company accidentally leaked the products a few days early - mistakenly updating its iPad user guide with the updated models feature-set.


      New Macs also made it into Apple’s presentation, as the company displayed its updates to its iMac and Mac mini product lines.


      The iMac has had its display updated to what Apple calls the “highest resolution display” available. The “retina 5k” display has a resolution of 5120 by 2880 pixels, meaning the new iMac has more than seven times the amount of pixels on a HD TV. It can be bought alongside the older models for £1999.


      Apple’s push into high resolution screen on its desktop computers follows the race for pixel-packing desktop displays, with companies such as Dell, Asus and Samsung selling 4K computer monitors since 2013.


      It is perhaps the Mac Mini that sees the most needed update – after two years of quiet, Apple has updates its smallest computer to new 4th generation Intel Core processors.


      The high-end models also feature a “Fusion drive”, Apple’s combination of a standard hard disk and a solid state drive – the flash based memory that allows computers to load applications faster.


      Each new computer will come with the latest version of OS X – Apple’s desktop operating system. Named Yosemite, the latest update features further integration with iOS, with Continuity allowing work to exchange between Macs and iPhones/iPads


      The update will also come as a free download to current Mac users.


      By Jake Overend