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      BLOG: 5 fashion essentials you'll need this winter

      Unfortunately, the days are getting shorter and the weather is going from bad to worse.  But it isn’t the end of the world.  It just means you get to buy some new items for your wardrobe and who doesn’t love to do that! Siobhan Maguire gives her five essentials for this winter.

      1. Hat, Scarf and Gloves

      Technically this is three items, but they usually come together so I decided it was one grouping. These are staples for any winter wardrobe. From your granny’s hand-knits to the luxurious “I can’t afford” types, they are absolutely essential.


      Along with the usual woolly hat, this season we are also seeing posher versions in the shape of ‘square’- bowler, trilby and 1920s style hats. They add a more sophisticated, mature look to any outfit while doing the   same job as its woolly cousin.  I have tried on a few of the newer styles and feel the wide-brim hats (like the equivalent of the summer sun hats) are a little OTT for day time, but maybe that will change over the coming months as we see more people wearing them. Everyone will have a style which suits them – try them out and see.

      Most people have their own trusty scarf they always wear.  But some go through phases and change every now.  Depending on the coat they’re wearing will depend on whether the big fluffy or lightweight scarf is needed.  Scarves just take that draft away which sneaks in around your neck – and then we refuse to remove them once indoors again!  There are so many styles and patterns to choose from and you can get them so cheap now that have a few choices isn’t a problem.

      Gloves, oh gloves.  Or mittens – you know the ones children mainly wear that don’t have fingers; just the thumb pocket and the rest of your fingers in another pocket?  I admit I own a couple of pairs and wear them on occasion.  But as we get older we need to embrace adulthood and wear non-childlike clothing.  Your hands are important and gloves are essential to stop them drying out with the cold air so do invest in a pair. Matching them with your hat and/or gloves is optional.

      H&M and Primark have a good variety of all of the above at very reasonable prices.

      2. Coat

      With or without a hood?  Mac or winter-warmer?  I live in a place where it rains a lot and isn’t exactly the temperature of an exotic paradise. Sometimes carrying an umbrella or wearing a heavy coat is so much of a chore.  But you have to decide whether fashion or comfort will win. For the most part, a lot of lust-worthy coats do not have hoods or may not be great quality – disposable fashion.  In contrast, the practical jacket isn’t perhaps as trendy.  But look, we are human and sometimes comfort has to win.  I don’t believe we can look like we just stepped off a catwalk 24 hours a day and we have to represent every-day looks too.  If you want that warm coat that doesn’t have the pattern of the moment but “oh my” is it cosy, then it’s a no-brainer and if you are going to spend a bit extra then get something that will last and is a staple colour-wise to your wardrobe.

      Look for your style of coat in ZaraRiver Island or online at ASOS. For more casual, outdoor jackets head to SportDirect or Millets.

       3. Jumper
      This may seem obvious but a good quality knit jumper is key to winter warming. Rollnecks are making a comeback too and I have to say I am quite happy about that because if you forget your scarf or have left it at a friend’s house, this style will make a handy replacement. Also making a comeback is the original ‘aran’         jumper. It’s like a chunky diamond-knitted style which used to be worn by lots of Irish musicians in the 70’s. Colourwise, maroon and orange are the favourites right now or if you are into it, animal print is popular too. But don’t go too far and purchase your Christmas jumper just yet.

      For jumpers I would check out Asda (yes), New Look and Mango


      4. Tights

      A guilty pleasure for winter!  I used to wear tights a lot for work but now I wear a lot of jeans day to day so I look forward to a change-up every now and then.  Black 70 denier tights are a must for a cosy feel and as a wardrobe staple but lots of wool tights are also available and can add an edge to any outfit. They also work well under trousers and jeans for extra warmth.

      There is no need to go OTT on price for tights so take a look in PrimarkH&M or Tesco for choice and value.

      5. Boots 

      The one thing I love about winter is getting to wear long boots again.  They can be so classy when worn in the right way and now you can have flat, heeled and wedged which gives everyone an opportunity to wear them.  Some friends used to complain about not being able to get the leg of a boot pulled or zipped past their calves but again, boots now seem to have a wider leg and there are slouchy styles which also help.

      Get some great styles in OfficeAldoClarksNext and Primark.

      By: Siobhan Maguire 

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      Image for Hat, Scarf, Gloves: ‘Woman in Pink and Black’ by Garry Knight via Creative Commons. All other images by Siobhan Maguire