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      Tuesday 28, April 2015

      BLOG: An afternoon with Kwabs

      AFTER starting the day having never heard of Kwabs, you can now consider me a fan. The man who seems a shy and humble person to speak to transforms himself into an endearing master of stage presence as he immediately takes control of the crowd and dominates the very atmosphere of the building.

      I start the day meeting Nathan Salt and going to the venue, Gorilla. As we enter we see a team of people preparing the stage. We then meet Kwabs and go upstairs to begin our interview. As we sit down to talk I see a nervous and shy man, fumbling with his fingers in a casual sleeveless denim jacket and a lightly coloured turtle-neck.


      As the interview progresses we all begin to relax and even joke about GCSE’s and hugging people in Morrisons. After we finish speaking with Kwabs we then take the opportunity to get a few photos and then we leave him and his team to continue preparing for us to the return later that night to see his performance.


      Returning to Gorilla, Kwabs appears on stage a completely different person than we sat down with earlier that day. The casual look has changed into a long and sassy black coat assisted with a darker turtle neck. The shyness has completely vanished as the fumbling fingers are now straightened and poised, they now show a confident and dominate presence of Kwabs- the performer. During the opening track he shows some serious moves as he drops his shoulders and dances, only adding to his many talents.

      Most performers have a bottle of water, maybe even some booze, but Kwabs brings on a mug of tea, and a big one at that. This choice does however backfire as during a line in a song he goes down on his knees and knocks it over. Someone comes out to clean up the mess and he just smiles cheekily at the crowd saying: “The show goes on.”

      Standout tracks are hits ‘Walk’ and ‘Perfect Ruin’ which he performs towards the end of his setlist. ‘Walk’ is actually played after he leaves the stage but is met with thunders of applause demanding an encore.


      Simply put, Kwabs is a born entertainer, a genuinely nice guy, and he loves being hugged in Morrisons.

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      By: Nathan Smith

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