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      Friday 14, November 2014

      BLOG: Jeans, the denim staple that suits everyone

      Blogger, Siobhan Maguire writes about the one thing we all have a pair of: jeans.

      Becoming a student again has made my stock of jeans triple since I started last year.

      The thing I love about wearing jeans is that you can dress them up or dress them down. You can wear them to university, to the cinema or even on a date and you would be very hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own at least one pair.


      Jeans came about somewhere around the late 1800s.  The jean (denim) fabric itself was being used already but it was the start of Levi Strauss & Co. which saw the beginning of jeans as we know them.

      American brands Levi’s, Wrangler and Lee are the most recognised but over the years more designers have got in on the act with Seven for all Mankind and J Brand to name a couple.  Of course, there are the high street brands as well such as TopshopRiver Island and Zara among others who can sell jeans at more affordable prices.

      For university I usually wear my jeans with skater shoes, converse or flat boots for comfort. I do a lot of uni-related work outside classes so it’s good to have them for running around and doing errands.  But when I am doing something different or feel like adding a heel without being too dressy I usually go for knee-high boots and for a night out it’s the trusted stiletto or an ankle boot.


      There are other styles though too and dependent on your size and shape will do make or break your outfit.

      While it’s easy to think straight leg or the ‘skinny’ jean are only for slim people, there are ways a curvy girl can work these too. It depends what you put with your outfit.  Take note from Beyonce and Kim Kardashian!  The key is balancing your outfit with your shape and embracing the shape and booty you have!  Adding a heel, which doesn’t have to be sky-high, will elongate your body. For your top half don’t just get an over-sized top that you think you should wear to ‘cover-up’ any lumps or bumps.  Tucking a shirt in and adding a belt can enhance your curves.  But whatever you do, make sure you are comfortable, as that is also the secret to carrying off a great outfit.  Try some looks out and you might surprise yourself.

      Bootcut and flares are a style curvy people gravitate towards and this can be the answer sometimes.  But be careful and know your shape.  If you have a big bust and big hips these could work as both styles will balance you out.  But if you have wide hips and small bust they could make you look very ‘bottom-half-heavy’.  Experiment with different outfits and see what suits you.

      For a tall slim person, flares can be so classy and elegant.  A small heel or wedge would be needed as you don’t want to drag the hem of the jean and cause it to fray.  Then work with a smart shirt or fitted jumper and this can make a nice alternative for a lunch meeting or drinks with friends.

      Outside these styles you start to move into crop which are great in summer and suit those lucky enough to have long legs.  Boyfriend jeans are something we have seen introduced over the last couple of years and I feel takes a certain kind of person to carry them off, most likely a slim girl.  This is because they are baggy and could make a plus-size girl look bigger than what she is.

      However, that’s the thing about jeans.  Anyone can wear them at any time of day.  You find the style that suits you and the rest will follow.

      By: Siobhan Maguire

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      Picking a leaf and red boots: 
      Anna Ilieva
      Red coat, flared jeans by Maegan Tintari via Creative Commons