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      Wednesday 17, December 2014

      BLOG: Will the Queen's Christmas message be a retirement speech?

      FOR over 62 years, Queen Elizabeth II has ruled over the Commonwealth, but is her leadership about to come to an end?


      With less than a year to go before her reign eclipses that of Queen Victoria (63 years, 216 days), bookmakers Coral have suspended bets regarding her abdication.


      It is believed that a series of wagers were placed with the betting corporation, raising speculation that the Head of State is set to announce her renunciation of the Crown during her Christmas Day speech.


      With odds of 10-1, interest was growing that her Majesty would announce the decision during her address to the nation, however the company had their suspicions which resulted in them ceasing the market altogether.


      “Throughout the year there has been major speculation about the Queen’s future, but today’s gamble has really caught us by surprise,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.


      “As far as we are concerned there’s no smoke without fire when bets like this come through all in succession, so we have decided to be safe rather than sorry and pull the plug on the market,” added McGeady.


      Due to the speech being pre-recorded, there could be a number of different ways which the story, if not made up, has been leaked. With an array of inside knowledge within the ranks of Buckingham Palace, camera crews alike may have acted on impulse and attempted to earn themselves a nice Christmas bonus.


      If the Queen was to abdicate her seat, it will be the first time since Edward VIII in which a monarch has given up their throne.


      With only a number of days left until the Queen speaks to her nation, all will be revealed during her annual message on Christmas Day.



      By Steven Peach