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      Wednesday 17, December 2014

      Chorlton 'brothel' closed after police raid


      A SUSPECTED brothel shut down after a police raid last Thursday on Manchester Road, Chorlton.


      Studio 121, formally operated by the same owners of Samantha’s in Didsbury, had been operating from a residential house since August.


      The closure came after Chorlton counsellor for Labour, Matt Strong, 44, wrote an open letter to neighbours of the brothel calling for the police to take action on the building, in which there was “almost certainly illegal activity taking place”.


      In the letter, he expressed his ‘deep concern’ with the situation, claiming he was unsatisfied with the location being opposite a leisure centre and next to a bus stop.


      He said, “They have also chosen to advertise their business in a blatant way, including encouraging customers to park on nearby residential roads and even in the leisure centre”.


      Other than selling sex yourself, any involvement at all with a brothel is illegal. However, institutes which cooperate within other areas of the law are often tolerated, with a spokesperson from Samantha’s remarking, “It’s much safer than girls being on the streets”.


      This comes after several institutions have closed down, giving the lead to Sheffield as the ‘capitol’ of massage parlours.



      George McCoy, 60, Hampshire, is the self-proclaimed ‘expert’ to brothels in the UK, had previously found the owners of Studio 121 to be “unusually uncooperative”, and adding: “When they aren’t obliging with me, it’s quite strange as it gives them free advertising on my website. That tells me they aren’t as transparent as legitimate parlours.


      “It was unusual in being run from an essentially residential address, while most bona fide parlours run from former shops.


      “It changed hands not that long ago, but the original lady running Samantha's was herself called Samantha.


      “I am not going to lose much sleep over their problems.”


      A spokesperson from GMP police said in The MEN:“CCTV was seized and no one was arrested. We are in the early stages of an investigation and enquiries are ongoing.”


      Studio 121 declined to comment.

      By Amelia Yarde-Ellis