23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 22-04-2015 06:23

      Decision on Health Improvement Service cuts due next week

      Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart will make a decision next week on whether to cut £1.6m in funding from the local Health Improvement Service.

      Salford City Council headquarters at the Civic Centre on Chorley Road

      Both the Mayor and local MPs were originally contacted by opponents of the cuts back in February, with critics claiming that up to 50 jobs would be at risk and a variety of sections of society affected by the move. The Mayor is expected to make a final decision on whether to approve the cuts on Tuesday, April 28th.

      The Health Improvement Service helps a wide range of citizens, from mothers planning to breastfeed to young people suffering from trauma. The work that the service has done to aid elderly sufferers of dementia has also been highlighted as one of its successes.

      A currently active online petition, instigated by Salford City UNISON branch secretary Steven North, had more than 260 signatures at time of writing. Additionally, UNISON called a meeting to discuss plans to oppose the measure on April 21st at Swinton British Legion, with a diverse crowd expected; in February, a broad range of local spoke out against the cut, including youth group Just Youth, pregnancy support group Bumps and Babies, Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Trust and Walkden Rotary Club.

      Speaking to Salford Star when news of the cuts originally broke back in February, Mr. North said: “there is a real threat of redundancies in that service - as you would expect this is something our union will take very seriously. The Council is acknowledging that these cuts will have a massive impact right across the city. If those people see the specifics of what this cut will mean they will be horrified.”

      Concerns have already been expressed that any stay of execution given by the Mayor next week may only be a stopgap until after the upcoming parliamentary and local elections. Commenting on the Salford Star, Helen Scott said: “The last time there was a cut like this before an election, it was delayed until after the election – and then the cut was made.”

      Joseph Goggins


      Published by Joseph Goggins on 22-04-2015 06:23