23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 04:19

      Detectives close to finding Robert Hart killer

      Robert Hart dancing with girlfriend Gemma Parry at Parklife festival

      POLICE say they are just 'one CCTV frame away' from identifying the killer of Robert Hart.

      26 year-old Robert from Macclesfield died on Wednesday 11th June 2014, five days after being assaulted at Parklife music festival in Manchester.

      And six months after the attack left him fighting for his life with a bleed on the brain, Detective Superintendent Philip Reade believes they are closer than ever to finding his attacker.


      He said: "Officers have trawled through hundreds of photographs, as well as hundreds of hours of footage from mobile phones, drones and media cameras which were at the event.


      "The response from the public following our media appeals for information has been fantastic, and I honestly believe that response is helping us to tighten the net around the man who threw the punch that ended Robert's life.


      "As a result of that public response, we have been able to identify and interview more than 150 different people across the country in relation to the attack, proving that we are committed to following every single line of enquiry available to us.


      "We have today revealed a picture that we believe was taken just minutes before Robert was attacked, in area to the right of the main stage at around 9.15pm.


      "We are of the opinion that Robert's attacker is standing in the immediate vicinity of this picture, but frustratingly he is just out of shot and that is why we need more people to come forward if they believe they were in that area at the time.


      "I am also sure that Robert's attacker will now have disclosed this attack to a friend, acquaintance, family member or similar and all it takes is for that person to come forward and give us a name.


      "The £23,000 reward from the Parklife organisers and Crimestoppers still stands, and that is available for the person who comes forward with the information that helps us crack this case."

      Anyone with information should police on 101 or independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

      By Eleanor Thomason