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      Friday 27, March 2015

      ELECTION: Budding councillor aims to change people's idea of politics

      YOUNG adults and politics, two terms which you wouldn't necessarily put together.

      CANVASSING: Liam Jones (centre) with Liam Fox MP (left) and Kevin Beaty

      But why is that I hear you ask? Typically associated with the must have fashions, latest technologies or a crazed night out, the younger generation seem to be interested in anything but politics, something which I know only too well as I fall into this age category myself.


      This can’t be said for everyone, as Liam Jones from Cheshire attempts to defy the odds to prove that there are youngsters interested in government affairs.

      “Politics is my football, it’s my Arsenal, my Chelsea, my Liverpool” said the 19-year-old of Frodsham.


      With a turnout of just 51% from people aged 18 to 24 in the 2010 General Election, Liam hopes that he can change perceptions and become a voice for the town’s younger population.


      “I do think it is wrong that my generation isn’t interested as this is where change happens," said Liam.


      He added: “I personally want to represent the view of the young voice at the town council, I want to see Frodsham thrive and maintain its current good standards.”


      With less than seven weeks to go until the election, the would-be Conservative councillor admits how he is treated differently to others because of his age.


      “It is unheard of really that a 19-year-old is aspiring to be a councillor and have an interest in politics; people are amazed.


      “I would say that the public are interested in what I do, especially those at retirement age who think it’s admirable to do something respectable.”


      ABROAD: Liam (left) with Jacqueline Foster MEP during a trip to Brussels


      Despite a number of hard-hitting cuts from the coalition, Liam said how he has a number of agendas in place should he be elected.


      “I would like to see more affordable housing which I know, you, me and our generation will find key to getting onto the property ladder – especially on brown field sites.


      “I would also like to see more opportunities for work experience in Frodsham and the surrounding area; so it is easier for parents and pupils to get to, but also because there are lots of great businesses here.”


      With a keen focus and determination to succeed, Liam aims to change the views of doubters by working with schools to get pupils from the area engaged in political affairs.



      “Some people aren’t at all interested and

      show no willingness to understand it.



      “I think a large proportion of this is due to it not being taught at GCSE.


      “If students were to have this as a mandatory subject, it would change their understanding which would increase their awareness and therefore voting figures.


      With a number of council seats up for contention in May, the name Liam Jones will certainly be one to look out for.


      “Hopefully, if elected as a councillor I will be able to lead by example, to show that youth of today are concerned about the real issues we all face.”


      By Steven Peach