23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 14-05-2015 07:51

      Monday 23, March 2015

      ELECTION: Why are young adults disinterested in politics?

      AS the General Election nears, each of the political parties will be doing all they can to win our votes.

      BALLET: The General Election takes place on Thursday 7 May 2015


      With that little 'x' on the ballet paper being of such significant importance, it is us who holds the power as to whom runs the country from 8 May.

      Bearing this in mind, why are so many young adults therefore disinterested with politics?


      As shown on the pie chart below, the 18 to 24-year-olds were the lowest percentage to vote in the 2010 General Election.



      Although these figures may be a surprise to some, there has been a low turnout from this age demographic for the past four elections, as is shown by the bar graph below.



      With there being a higher population in urban areas, the pictorial graph below represents where the highest turnout of young voters were throughout the country in 2010.


      Out of the top five locations shown, four were Labour strongholds whilst the other was a safe seat for the Liberal Democrats. Should the Conservatives be added to the poll, you would have to add another eight places to the graph where Canterbury were ranked 13th -  the highest placed constituency for Tory young voters.


      By Steven Peach