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      Friday 15, November 2013

      Ex- Corrie star 'looking forward' to Christmas Markets

      Sean Wilson and fellow stall holder Mark Revell
      ACTOR and Chef, Sean Wilson has returned to the Manchester Christmas Markets for the third time as a stall holder this year, as the Saddleworth Cheese Company once again takes part in the festive cheer.


      Mr Wilson, best known for his role as Martin Platt in Coronation Street, ditched the nurse in Weatherfield to become a cheesemaker in the hilly location of Saddleworth and is now travelling up and down the UK ‘ Spreading the word for Lancashire cheese’.


      But with Christmas fast approaching, the 48-year-old has returned to the city of Manchester to take part in the popular Christmas Markets which are celebrating their landmark 15-year anniversary.


      Mr Wilson’s stall, which opened this morning alongside another 299 stalls, offers a wide range of cheeses including the likes of the Lancashire Creamy and the Lancashire Tasty and now that the market has opened, the Ex-Corrie star said he was, “really looking forward to it,”


      “It’s nice to touch base occasionally, especially at Christmas, for the locals, so it’s great to come back to Manchester.


      “We’ve been preparing extremely hard for this event because if you’re going to do the Manchester Markets, you need enough produce and being cheesemakers it’s not the easiest thing to prepare for, but we’ve done it. It was a long shot, but we made it,”


      The Manchester Christmas Market, which was named in the top 10 Christmas Markets in the world, is now the biggest in the UK and Mr Wilson said: “We love being a part of it.


      “There are 300 stalls at this market and you would never see 300 stalls in Manchester unless it was Christmas, and whilst it might be 15 years since the markets first opened in the City, this is only year three for us.


      “Our stall is usually very popular and so we are really looking forward to it as well as spreading the word for Lancashire cheese, for all those people who don’t know about it.”


      The Manchester markets will be open until Sunday 22 December and are located near Albert Square, Manchester.


      By Liam McCallion


      Published by Liam McCallion on 18-12-2014 11:21