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      Wednesday 27, May 2015

      FEATURE: The Deaf Institute in Manchester turns seven!

      THE DEAF Institute turned seven over the weekend, Quays News reporter Nathan Salt got invited to their party


      It has been a while since I last went on a night out in Manchester but having been invited to join the celebrations for The Deaf Institute’s 7th birthday party on Saturday night I simply couldn’t refuse.


      Myself and nine others from the Quays team were in attendance at a venue I hadn’t actually been to before. I know that some other reporters have been to cover gigs at the Institute but it was my first ever visit. The entertainment began before any of us had even made it inside with jugglers and fire dancers braving the cold to show off their impressive talents. Drinks vouchers in hand we headed in to join the party with the night still in its infancy despite our arrival close to midnight.


      As we entered the main room after our swift guest list entrance - always a plus when you don’t have to queue in the cold - the song “I Just Can’t Get Enough” by Depeche Mode rang out and quite frankly that was befitting of an evening that had everything from face painting and illuminating hula hoops to giant balloons and allegedly free cake - something no one from the team was able to locate during the entire evening however, much to our disappointment.

      The main room downstairs had a chalet feel to it with wooden panelling spread across the left wall with animal heads bestowed onto it which gave it a very rustic European feel. With booths offering a getaway from what was a backed dance floor it had a perfect blend for every type of person - those who wanted to soak up the tunes against those who wanted to bust out the moves.


      The biggest issue on the evening was the bar situation. The bar in the upstairs room did not accept the drink vouchers and so everyone inside the club who possessed such vouchers were forced to use the downstairs bar, creating a bottleneck of people trying to squeeze to the front. As the night wore on this became somewhat calmer and easier to manage although my decision to savour my vouchers for the entire night proved ineffective as the vouchers - I was told by bar staff - were no longer valid after 1:30am (something that was not made clear earlier in the night).

      Moreover, one of the team was bitterly disappointed to be refused a vodka mixer after being told there was no “free vodka” whilst another team member suffered no such problem. Admittedly the bar was receiving questions from all angles and I accept having been in the occupation that it can become overwhelming.


      Midway through the night the throwback tunes were transferred to the upstairs loft room as the downstairs space shifted to some heavier house which personally I preferred and it was well received by the reported 600 people in attendance.

      I have to say the face painting addition to the party line up was inspired; I was catching glimpses of a Spiderman whilst one of the team opted for a Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo much to the amusement of the rest of us. It was a great conversation starter in my opinion and that can be tricky for many on a night out - particularly when approaching the opposite sex! At £2 it was a bargain given the number of freebies that were already on offer and the painting station was full from when I arrived until when I left so that appeared to be a roaring success.

      The hula hoops - whilst novel - were somewhat impractical given the number of people on the dance floors of both rooms. The venue was packed as it was and so creating space to thrust your hips proved tricky; hats off to those who put me and others in our entourage to complete shame…

      My quibbles overall are minor issues but on the whole this was one of the more unique club night’s in Manchester that I have attended since I moved to the city back in September.


      The Deaf Institute certainly know how to throw a birthday party but let’s hope next time we can track down the cake! Thanks for having us, roll on the 8th birthday party…

      By Nathan Salt

      More photos from the evening can be found on The Deaf Institute's Facebook page