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      Friday 08, May 2015

      GENERAL ELECTION 2015: 'Britain trust us on the economy'

      CONSERVATIVE MP Edward Timpson believes Britain sent out ‘a clear message’ on who they trust with the economy after his party won a slender majority in yesterday’s general election.

      VICTORY: Edward Timpson holds his seat for Crewe & Nantwich

      The Tories, who made gains in England and Wales, reached a total of 331 seats in the House of Commons as Prime Minister David Cameron was elected to remain in 10 Downing Street in order to see out ‘Britain’s long-term economic plan’.


      With Britain’s economy having grown at a steady rate, under the previous Tory-led coalition, following the double-dip recession in 2012, Mr Timpson, who retained his seat in Crewe & Nantwich in the early hours of this morning, believes that voters have recognised the importance of ‘a strong economy’.


      See the full interview here.

      Mr Timpson’s argument was further highlighted by the ironic defeat of Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

      Mr Balls, who was effectively Labour’s number two, lost out to the Conservatives’ Andrea Jenkyns by 422 votes in the constituency of Morley and Outwood following a tense recount, as the electorate gave a further indication that they still don't trust the main party in opposition with the economy.


      Labour, on a whole, had a disastrous night, however, as did the Liberal Democrats.

      See the slideshow of high-profile exits below…


      Whilst the economy may have been the most influential topic in this election, the rise of UKIP seemingly suggests, however, that immigration also played a significant factor with voters.

      Despite only gaining one MP following Douglas Carswell’s holding of Clacton, UKIP won 13% of the vote – some 3.8 million votes – which made them the third most voted party in the election.

      Richard Lee, who was defeated by Mr Timpson in Crewe & Nantwich, now believes UKIP ‘are the party on the move’.


      Well that it is it for another general election it seems. The end to a frantic six weeks of short camapigning has come as the winning candidates must now head to Westminster to politically represent the public’s voice.

      But were you happy with the result? Let us know below…


      By Liam McCallion

      (Twitter: @LiamMcCallion23)

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