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      Friday 03, April 2015

      GENERAL ELECTION 2015: Nicola Sturgeon 'wins' ITV debate

      SNP LEADER Nicola Sturgeon was the surprise winner of last night’s Party Leaders’ debate on ITV, that's according to YouGov’s latest poll.

      VICTORY: The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon leaves TV studio in a bullish mood.

      Ms Sturgeon outranked her political peers, including Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour’s Ed Miliband, by some margin during the seven-to-one formatted discussion which was hosted by Julie Etchingham in Salford.



      Interestingly enough, however, Ms Sturgeon, whose party only stands in Scotland, didn’t give the most impressive performance on any of the topics raised by the audience during the two-hour live event as the economy, health, immigration and education & young people were all discussed.


      Nevertheless, the night still belonged to the First Minister of Scotland as she clearly put the cat among the pigeons with her inspirational stance against austerity - she even made non-Scottish voters question whether they could vote for her instead.


      Ms Sturgeon reiterated her support for Scottish independence too, however, despite having offered an olive branch to the rest of the UK whilst Scotland still plays a part in Westminster. So the question is ‘how long will that offer last, if the SNP do as good as the polls suggest they will?


      The SNP’s Westminster rivals would undoubtedly have their say on any chances of a second Scottish referendum, though, as many major parties are against the break-up of Britain.

      Speaking of which, how did the other party leaders do in last night's debate? Here’s a quick summary below...

      • David Cameron (Conservative) – Stressed the need for Britain to stay on track with his party’s ‘long-term economic plan’ and made reference to Labour’s ‘Sorry we ran out of money’ note from 2010.
      • Ed Miliband (Labour) – Reiterated Labour’s main pledges to introduce a higher national minimum wage, a mansion tax, and the banning of zero-hour contracts, as well as saying ‘If I’m prime minister’ down camera number one quite a lot.
      • Nick Clegg (The Liberal Democrats) – Went straight in for the kill as he criticised the Tories’ ‘ideological driven cuts’ at the first time of asking, the coalition divorce papers have since been submitted.
      • Nigel Farage (UKIP) – Blamed part of the NHS crisis on health tourism and linked this to the fact that 60% of HIV diagnoses in Britain are from people who are foreign.
      • Natalie Bennett (The Greens) – Highlighted there was an ‘alternative’ to austerity in her opening statement and made the audience aware of the fact that her party would ban tuition fees, raise foreign aid, and introduce a £10 national minimum wage.
      • Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) – Criticised the coalition’s austerity, but at the same time pointed the finger more towards Labour for failing the people of Wales.

      If you would rather digest last night’s debate in more detail instead though, recap what happened last night with our blogging coverage below.   


      Live Blog GENERAL ELECTION 2015: ITV's Party Leader debate

      By Liam McCallion
      (Twitter: @LiamMcCallion23)


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