21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 11:18

      Friday 12, December 2014

      GMP asks public to 'stirrup' some ideas for horses’ renaming

      GREATER Manchester Police are running a festive competition to rename one of their service horses.


      The horse, currently known as Winston is five-years-old and a 5.8ft. piebald Clydesdale Cross breed.

      Most horses in the Mounted Unit programme are aged between six and ten-years-old and retire to The Home of Rest for Horses when they can no longer work.


      Entrants must submit their ideas via the comments section on this Facebook post and a winner will be selected at random, people can also Tweet their suggestions however these will not be counted in the draw.

      Suggestions that have already been made include 'Francis', 'Dickens' and 'Dodger'.


      As a reward the winner will be given the chance to meet the newly renamed horse and be given a tour around the GMP’s Mounted Unit based in Chorlton.


      Sergeant Cara Charlesworth of GMP’s Specialist Operations Branch said: “Naming is a rite of passage that all our horses go through, and we hope people will enter into the Christmas spirit by taking part in the competition.


      “This horse is quite cheeky, as he likes to have his own way and thinks he knows best, but he has a very nice temperament, and we look forward to offering the winner the chance to meet him, as well as the rest of the team.”


      By Sofia Rewilak
      Lead image via GMP Facebook page