21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 30-05-2015 07:00

      Greater Manchester experiences more crime in the summer according to the latest figures

      GREATER Manchester experiences more crime in July and August than in any other month according to the latest figures.

      Over the last three years, reported crime has on average peaked in the summer while being at its lowest just before the turn of the year.

      In July last year, there were just over 30,000 reported crimes in Greater Manchester and just below 25,000 in December.

      The graph below shows the amount of crime over the months in the past three years.

      Graph based on www.police.uk records

      The figures also show that the amount of reported crime in Greater Manchester has slightly increased each year.

      While there were 311,411 reports of crime in 2012, this increased to 319,591 in 2013 and further to 323,243 in 2014.

      Graph based on www.police.uk records

      By Joe Wilkinson