21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-03-2015 09:39

      Grim up north: new book uncovers gruesome Manchester history

      SOME say it's grim up north and a new book by a Manchester historian unveils some of the grisly goings on in the area.

      Michala Hulme's "A Grim Almanac of Manchester"

      Manchester Metropolitan University PHD student, author, and resident genealogist for the John Gillmore show on BBC Radio Lancashire, Michala Hulme (pictured below) had the inspiration for the book, ‘A Grim Almanac of Manchester’ from her PHD notes.


      Looking through old newspapers, coroners' records, and death and cemetery records Michala has compiled more than 370 gruesome tales.

      Michala said: “Some of the stories people will have heard before, but there should be some that they haven’t. I find now that when I walk through Manchester I think ‘oh this or that happened on this street. It has changed the way I see some places!”

      The book took around a year to complete and Michala was unsure whether it might be published, but was picked up by History Press who specialise in local history publications.

      She said: “I sent off about three stories, and the publishers came back and said ‘it’s a lovely idea, but do you have any grimmer stories?”

      For Michala the story that sticks in her mind is the story of a woman by the name of Mrs McCann, a flower seller, and a cake laced with arsenic. Some of the tales recalled in the book remain unsolved.


      A Grim Almanac of Manchester is Michala’s debut book, and says she was ‘quite emotional’ when she went into Waterstones and was told they already had pre-orders of her book.

      The book will be released on April 28, and can be pre-ordered from all good bookshops, as well as some independent book shops in Manchester. If ordered through Michala’s website, pre-ordered books will be pre-signed by the author: http://www.michalahulme.com.

      Marielle Osmont