23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 22-04-2015 02:16

      Hand grenade used in latest in string of violent attacks in Salford

      Police in Salford have confirmed that a hand grenade was used in a targeted attack on a house in Pendlebury.


      Police were called to the address on Formby Road earlier this month after residents reported hearing an explosion.

      Salford Superintendent Mark Kenny said: “A grenade has been thrown at the front of the address and has exploded. Fortunately nobody was injured inside the address. However, this is clearly a very serious incident."

      Swinton Police Station near the targeted address

      Police have assured residents that there are heightened high-profile patrols in the area while the area around Formby Road remains a crime scene.


      The police confirmed that the house targeted was that of jailed drug dealer Ryan Coward, who was handed a 32 month jail term by Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this year. However, it is not yet known the reason behind the attack.


      The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and is being handled by the major incident team, and involves around 30 officers.


      This incident is just the latest in a string of violent crimes in the city. Since May 2014 there have been nine shootings across Salford.


      Superintendent Kenny added: "The investigation is at the early stages. At the moment I am unable to say whether it is linked to any other incidents in Salford. Clearly this is a very serious incident and is being given the highest level response.”


      Concerns have been raised that the attack may be connected to gangster Dale Cregan. Cregan was jailed for life in 2013 on four counts of murder including the killing of two police officers in September 2012, and three counts of attempted murder. In the attack on the police officers Cregan used a hand grenade.


      Police are keen to stress that at this stage there is no link to Cregan: “There is no indication that there is any link at all with Dale Cregan. Cleary it is a concern that a grenade has been used and that has to form part of the investigation to establish where that grenade has come from. It is too early to speculate whether this is linked to other incidents. We are treating this as a targeted attack, and we are looking for the motivation behind the attack.”


      Anyone with information about the incident can contact 0161 8569283 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

      Marielle Osmont