23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 21-12-2014 08:05

      Friday 19, December 2014

      Happy Mondays' Bez invites Russell Brand to join his Reality Party


      Happy Mondays maraca shaker-turned politician, Bez, has urged Russell Brand to his Reality Party.

      He has stated that the revolutionary comedian would be an “ideal member” of the party, who aim to ban fracking and live in a self-sufficient society.

      Real name Mark Berry, Bez formed the Reality Party earlier this year and stood in the 2014 local elections for the seat of Irlam in Salford with candidate Jackie Anderson. She came third place in the vote. 

      He said; “We have to fight by peaceful means and through the ballot box, Russell sees the truth and speaks the language of the people. He could bring with him many followers and would help us spread the word of the Reality Party.

      "He is not afraid to say what he thinks. He has obviously spent a lot of time listening to ordinary people and has had the courage to stand up and fight against the system, even though this may not necessarily help him personally.”

      He also commented on the current debate on immigration, he said; “We should stop blaming the poor and immigrants for stretched services and instead put the  blame right at the feet of those who caused our current financial problems politicians and bankers with their ridiculously out of proportion commissions, bonuses or expenses,” 

      Bez believes he has the solution to Russell Brand's views that there are no politicians to vote for in society. He said;

      “This is exactly the reason we set up the Reality Party, to give the people something to vote for,” 

      “If you are unable to vote for The Reality Party then we would suggest you vote for the Green Party because it shares our views on fracking and environmental issues.” he continued. 

      by Joe Martin