21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 25-03-2015 08:33

      Homeless charity targeted by clothing donation scam

      A SALFORD homeless charity claims it has been targeted by thieves. 

      Coffee4Craig, based at Lancaster House, off Eccles Old Road, says it has been the subject of a scam involving stolen clothing donations earlier this month. It is understood several hundred pounds worth of clothing donations have been taken.

      Coffee4Craig and BezFie Lancaster with Coffee4Craig patron Bez

      Fie Lancaster, of Coffee4Craig, said: "We want to be completely transparent with our supporters and don't want this incident to reflect badly on us. 

      “It is alleged that somebody was taking clothing donated to the main office and having supporters take the clothing to Cash4Clothes under the guise of handing this money over."

      The money for the goods was never passed on to the charity who have recently named former Happy Mondays star Bez as their patron. 

      They are now looking for a former resident who may have information.  

      Any person with any information which could lead to the funds being retrieved should contact Fie Lancaster on 07543 590330.

      Toby Cryne