23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 01-06-2015 06:16

      Manchester litter louts fined more than £50,000 in new scheme

      Last year Manchester City Council launched a fight back against litter louts in the city centre, with money from the Clean City fund, and in the five months to March, more than 1000 fines have been issued.

      The fund financed 600 new bins, purchased in June 2014, costing £500,000. Patrols were set up with four dedicated officers patrolling the city centre seven days a week, targeting the areas worst affected.

      Cllr Bernard Priest (pictured below), deputy leader of the council, said: "While litter bugs are in the minority, unfortunately there are still some selfish individuals whose behaviour is a blight on the city centre.

      The on-the-spot fines handed out make these litter louts take notice and realise that they will not be tolerated.


      "The vast majority of local residents and visitors to Manchester don't want to see our city being used as a rubbish dump. Working together with local residents, visitors and businesses- we can achieve a cleaner better city.


      "The special litter team will continue their good work giving on the spot fines to anyone  who drops litter and spread the message that their behaviour is completely unacceptable.” 

      From June to November last year just 250 fines were handed out to those caught littering, with the majority being issued on Market Street, High Street, and Piccadilly Gardens.

      Commonly discarded items include cigarette butts and packaging, fast food wrappers and newspapers.

      However, some other Greater Manchester authorities are doing better still. During the period 1 April 2014 - 1 March 2015, Wigan council handed out 3798 fines, with 2792 being paid.

      Manchester’s nearest city neighbour, Salford, handed out 115. Rochdale handed out 83, with 63 paid, and six prosecutions from the remaining 20.

      Trafford council said it had ‘fundamentally changed its approach to tackling litter, dog fouling and other problems’ through their Be Responsible campaign, which they say has already had positive results, and that a number of the unpaid fines are being pursued.

      At the other end of the scale, Bury and Stockport councils issued no fines for littering during this same time period.


      Fines issued by Greater Manchester councils

      In Manchester people are using Twitter to notify the council of any trouble spots in the city,using the Twitter handle #TrashTalkMCR.

      Marielle Osmont