23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 29-04-2015 04:42

      Health Improvement Service cuts to have 'no effect', says council

      Salford City Council claims that imminent cuts to the Health Improvement Service will have 'no effect' on services in the area.

      Salford Town Hall chiefs have risked the wrath of campaigners

      A report passed to the Council Cabinet recommending that £1.66m – roughly half the service’s budget – be cut stated that services are unlikely to be adversely affected. This directly contradicts the outcome of a meeting from local groups opposing the cuts, organised by Salford Unison, that was held last week.

      Ameen Hadi, branch secretary for Salford Unison, said: “These cuts will have a profound negative effect of those most in need in Salford. People with mental health needs, women, refugee and asylum seekers, those struggling with obesity amongst others will see their support severely reduced if not removed altogether.”

      Ameen Hadi of Salford Unison. Photo: Salford Star

      The meeting heard that the specific impact of the cuts will include an 83% cut to Healthy Lifestyle programmes, a 30% cut to mental wellbeing courses and the scrapping of programmes to help young families and pregnant mothers. Furthermore, support for people who are seeking employment is to be cut by half. There has been no public consultation, which Salford Unison are now calling for.

      Mr Hadi continued: “Salford has some of the worst health Inequalities in Britain. The differential between mortality rates within the Cciy are growing. The Mayor and the Council have pledged to reduce this and encourage healthier lifestyles yet they are cutting the service that is designed to address this.”

      The Council claims that “organisers of the group will be supported in becoming self-sufficient, whilst helping to reduce costs.” Voluntary groups are expected to step into the breach in the short term.

      Published by Joseph Goggins on 29-04-2015 04:42