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      Friday 19, December 2014

      Magistrates' Court round-up

      A round-up of some of the cases to go through Manchester Magistrates' Court this week.

      Salford motorist sentenced for drink-driving


      A 22-year-old man from Seedley, Salford was sentenced at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on Thursday for drink driving. The driver was stopped by police on Walkden Road for not wearing a seatbelt and later provided two samples, testing positive for 52% alcohol level in his system. The defendant pleaded guilty, stating that he had been out drinking the night before and believed himself safe to drive the following day. The judge sentenced gave him a 14-month-driving ban, meaning he will be disqualified until 17th February 2016. But the sentence will be reduced to until November 2015 if he opts to undertake a driving course by 11th September 2015. The motorist was also handed a £393 fine. The defendant faces up to 6 months in prison if he fails to comply with any part of the sentence.


      20-year-old man threatened witnesses


      A MAN has appeared in court this week under suspicion of contempt of court by revealing private details about a live case held at Manchester Crown Court. The 20-year-old suspect posted information on social media sites, such as Facebook, which related to a robbery. He also uploaded photographs and made comments about the witnesses that were taken to be threatening. The man has not released a plea and will have another hearing in the Magistrates Court on the 2nd January 2015.


      41-year old man remains in custody for possession of class A drugs


      A 41- year old man appeared  on Thursday after pleading guilty for possession and intent to supply class A drugs. The man also pleaded not guilty for the possession of Heroin. GMP ceased 12 mobiles and 114 snapbacks in a property but the man claims he knew nothing about the items. The man was rejected bail and remains in custody. He will appear at Crown Court on 2nd January 2016.


      Man receives community service and fine for burglary and fraud charges


      A 27-YEAR-OLD man appeared on Thursday after pleading guilty for counts of burglary and fraud. The man was also involved in the robbery of a guitar from Afflecks Palace, which he allegedly tried to sell at a local branch of Cash Converters. It is claimed he was involved in a robbery on 24th April, and distracted a shop owner whilst his friend stole a phone that was charging in the room. He was released on bail but sentenced to a 12-month community service order and must repay the cost of the guitar with compensation that comes to a sum of £820 and will be deducted from his benefit income.

      By Ellie Bryan, Jayna Patel, Emily Paterson, Sofia Rewilak