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      Tuesday 16, December 2014

      Manchester start-up Wakelet secures £1 million investment

      WAKELET, a tech-start up founded by Salford graduate Jamil Khalil, has just secured £1 million in funding from UK and US investors, including the two original publishers of Angry Birds.

      Wakelet is a website that lets users compile links to any number of web pages into neatly presented collections called ‘wakes’. 

      Khalil told the Manchester Evening News: “We want to be based in Manchester. A lot of people have told us to leave the UK and to go to other places but we want to make it happen here.”


      wakelet staff

      Khalil told us more about why Manchester is so important to him and the company.

      He said: “Manchester is home. It’s where we are from, and it’s a great up-and-coming city with a lot of talent and potential. With regards to the start-up and tech scene, it is just starting to wake up, so this creates energy and opportunity. We want to be part of leading this. This doesn’t mean that we will not have offices in other places if everything goes to plan.”

      Khalil also told us about his aspirations for Wakelet’s future within Manchester: “Countries, Cities, Universities and start-ups benefit from success stories. If Manchester wants success stories, we need to create the environment, support infrastructure and resources to support start-ups so they can grow and succeed.


      “If you look at the US, it is clear we are still a long way behind, they have a risk-taking culture. At the end of the day, if you want to innovate and take huge leaps, you need to have an appetite for risk, and at times be willing to lose and learn.”

      “But even in the US, this all started with big dreams and a few success stories, which in turn generated more start-ups and more success stories, and this created confidence in the market and for investors. We hope we can be part of influencing and making this happen in Manchester and in the UK.”

      Wakelet recently officially launched, releasing this launch video:              

      By Mike Birchall