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      Wednesday 17, December 2014

      Manchester supermarkets prepare for Mayhem Monday


      East Didsbury Tesco prepare for Mayhem Monday


      MANCHESTER supermarkets prepare for their busiest time of the year when food shoppers stock up their cupboards for the festive season.


      ‘Mayhem Monday’ starts 22 December and is officially known to be the peak period where more than one third of families plan their Christmas food shops.


      Comparing it to ‘Black Friday,’ which caused havoc across Manchester earlier this year with the one-off bargains; supermarkets are getting ready for a rapid increase of shoppers visiting their stores.


      However, even the days surrounding the newly named ‘Mayhem Monday,’ Supermarkets across Manchester are starting to see the business begin.


      Shoppers at Tesco in East Didsbury have, in particular, noticed the difference with the car park nearly full and queues building at the check outs.


      Margaret Clarke, 80, East Didsbury did her shopping in small parts to avoid the mad rush but her last minute buys seem to have caught the start of the manic rush to get Christmas food.


      She said, “It’s gradually going to get worse from now on. It’s definitely got busier today and it’s only the middle of the day on a Monday.”


      However, East Didsbury Tesco is prepared for the mad rush in the next few days.


      Lucy Cranshaw, counter manager at the store, explained how she has two extra staff members to help her department in order to ensure customers are getting served quickly.


      She said, “Tesco have set up a Christmas working arrangement which means most staff members will contribute to a few extra hours to help out in the lead up to Christmas. On an average day I usually have three staff members at the fish counter, but today I have two extra so that the work load is lessoned on days like today where it’s going to get really busy.”


      Lucy has noticed a huge difference in the business of the store compared to last week.


      She adds, “I haven’t stopped since I started work this morning. Today has been really busy. Tesco are doing a salmon deal for £5 instead of £13 so we will be getting through approximately four boxes of Salmon today.”


      Despite customers being warned that queues will be highly likely during the upcoming week, it still hasn’t put people off continuing to stick with buying the bulk of their food shopping this Christmas.

      by Emily Paterson