23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 14-01-2015 05:39

      Most North West people trust local businesses, poll shows

      ACCORDING to a recent YouGov poll, people in the North West are considerably more trusting of local businesses as opposed to businesses as a whole.


      In conjunction with the Great Business Debate, CBI is publishing the YouGov survey of over 4,000 people, 396 of those from the North West.


      The survey revealed that in the region, 81% of people trust local businesses. Only 51% of these people trust businesses overall.


      The CBI is calling on businesses to involve themselves in the local community and strengthen the trust they have with local people.


      Quays News created this interactive to help visualise the data. The info-graphic also contains the full interview with Salford business owner Graham Jones of Working with Schools. Quays News discussed with Graham why he feels those in the North West are more trustworthy of businesses in their area.



      By Amy Jones