21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 11:33

      Wednesday 17, December 2014

      Nuclear company NuGen to re-locate to the North West in the New Year


      UK Nuclear Company, NuGen is due to move its headquarters up to Manchester in the New Year as it plans to construct three new reactors in the North West.

      The reactors will be built by the old Sellafield site, currently undergoing decommissioning at a cost of £70bn to the taxpayer.

      The first reactor is planned to come online in 2024 and for all three to be functional by 2026.

      Output from the three reactors will reach 3.4 Giga Watts per day and create between 14,000 and 21,000 jobs for the area.

      If successful, it will be Europe’s largest new nuclear construction plan.

      Manchester has been selected as the ideal site to house the head offices of the company from 2015 onwards.

      As such NuGen is focusing its attentions onto the North West of England as it sees the area as the major area for Nuclear Power.

      Chief Executive, Sandy Rupprecht believes that the energy future of the UK lies in Nuclear power.

      He said, “We can offer a career-defining challenge, to help lay the foundations of the UK’s nuclear future.

      “My message to those thinking about their next move is simple, come see what NuGen can offer – and be inspired.”

      NuGen are working closely with the Environment Agency to ensure the constructions does not cause significant damage to the surrounding area or disrupt the decommissioning of Sellafield.

      Geo-physical monitoring of the site has already been done and drilling is to follow throughout 2015.

      The Manchester headquarters will be based in the city-centre in London road, directly across from Manchester Piccadilly station and will house the company for the foreseeable future as NuGen begins its “journey from London to the North West of England”.

      By Joe Harker