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      Wednesday 10, December 2014

      ‘Operation Bauble’ sees crack down on crime in time for Christmas

      With an alternative take on a Christmas tradition from the GMP, the police are currently staging 12 days of crack downs on criminal activity during the festive period in Greater Manchester, with some great results.

      ‘Bauble’, which is the codename for the operation, will see the police focusing on criminal offences over 12 high-profile days.

      The days will include concentrating on criminal offences such as domestic violence, burglaries and road crime.


      #OpBauble officers are standing up to violence against women and wearing white ribbons today #endthefear

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      For operation which started earlier this month, we will see local officers join forces with a range of special units including traffic, mounted officers, tactical aid units and dog handlers, as well as special constables.

      With 3 already completed and a further 9 to go, the GMP has already seen some great results including:

      * 42 people were arrested for various offences including domestic assaults, drug offences, rape, money laundering, fraud, theft and drink driving.

      * Six cars have been seized for lack of insurance and other traffic offences

      * Seizes on stolen property, drugs, £18,000 cash and large quantities of illicit tobacco


      The police are welcoming the public to follow their successes with the hashtag #OpBauble which is already boasting of a number the of successful operations taken out so far with @GMPPennine stating “we won’t allow criminals to spread misery in the run up to Christmas” in one tweet yesterday.

      The #OpBauble hashtag is also showing its stance on violence against women with the GMP’s official page tweeting images from its Instagram, showing officers wearing a white ribbon with the hashtag #endthefear.


      In a press release from the GMP Superintendent Craig Thompson from Specialist Operations said:


      “Over the next month we will be holding a series of high-profile days of action aimed at disrupting criminal activities and keeping the good people of Greater Manchester safe during the festive period.


      “Using officers and specialist units from across the force, we intend on blitzing crime and stopping offenders in their tracks so that the only Christmas they’ll be looking forward to is with us.”


      The 12 days of action will be held in the 12 divisions that the GMP operate in.

      By Maria Labrosse