23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 09-01-2015 04:33

      Friday 03, October 2014

      Party leaders label death of Alan Henning as 'barbaric'

      Alan Henning was captured during his fourth aid mission in Syria

      The release of an Islamic State militant video, which appears to show UK hostage Alan Henning being beheaded, has been immediately lambasted on social media by party leaders.


      The Prime Minister, David Cameron, along with Labour’s Ed Miliband and the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg have simultaneously used Twitter to condemn the 'barbaric' actions of ISIL.


      In a later statement the Prime Minister added: “Alan had gone to Syria to help get aid to people of all faiths in their hour of need.


      “The fact that he was taken hostage when trying to help others and now murdered demonstrates that there are no limits to the depravity of these ISIL terrorists.

      “We will do all we can to hunt down these murderers and bring them to justice.”

      It’s still unclear as to whether, or not, new discussions will be held in the Houses of Parliament regarding the use of ground troops in the fight against the Islamic State, but this is something that former Prime Minister Tony Blair says the UK should be prepared for.

      Only last week did the UK Parliament vote in favour of participating in air strikes in Iraq to combat Islamic State extremists but, inferring from the recent message in the ISIL video, it is this action which has provoked the death of Mr Henning, 47.


      The Salford taxi driver had been delivering aid to Syria in December last year when he was kidnapped and later held hostage by ISIL.


      Mr Henning’s life was threatened last month following the beheading of Briton David Haines and this prompted a global plea for his release – but this was, unfortuntalely, later in vain.

      By Liam McCallion
      (Twitter: @LiamMcCallion23)