23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 06:02

      Friday 19, December 2014

      Petition calls for Council to re-consider 'The Factory' name

      LOCALS are asking Manchester City Council to drop ‘The Factory’ as the name for a new artistic hub in the city.


      The petition, which can be found on change.org, has called for the Council to “let someone with a bit of imagination” rename the 5,000 capacity venue.


      The petition reads: "Why should our hub of creative and artistic talent in Manchester have to work under the shadow of the city's past? This is meant to be about the future.


      “How is a city meant to move on if the powers that be just want to bang on about how great things used to be?”


      Simon Poole, who created the petition added: “​I understand why the powers that be came up with the name, it's because they are trying to say to the world ‘isn't Manchester great’, but all it really says is ‘wasn't Manchester great .’


      “Look at Liverpool, The Beatles is a tourist industry, but the creatives in the city have to shout so loud just to try and be heard above The Beatles this and The Beatles that. Let's not do things the way other cities do, let's do it our own way.”


      DISAPPOINTED: petition signees voice their displeasure


      He also went on to say that he thought the creative sectors in Manchester “would prefer not to be so backward looking.”


      The £78m development, which will play host to Manchester’s International Festival, was announced to the public last week and is scheduled to open in 2019.


      By Lance Holden