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      Sunday 01, February 2015

      Petition launched to save former Coronation Street set from demolition

      CORONATION STREET fans have set up a petition to save the soap's old Granada Studios set from demolition

      The area in which the set is based was recently purchased by developers Allied London, along with Manchester City Council, for £26 million.

      They plan to knock down the set in order to build a new ‘city centre village’ called the St John’s Quarter, featuring a range of shops, offices and flats.

      The ‘Save the Coronation Street set’ petition calls for the preservation of the street name, the famous cobble street surface and terrace on the north side or it’s façade.

      It also suggests using the Rovers Return as a licensed pub and the rest of the terrace as both an extension for a pub and for creative workshops and business units.

      The author of the petition, Juliet Cusimano, commented: “At the moment when you walk down the cobbled street past the Rovers Return or go inside the pub interior, you’re having the unique experience of walking where Ena Sharples, Annie Walker, Bet Lynch, Hilda and Stan Ogden, Vera and Jack Duckworth, Elsie Tanner, Alf Roberts and many other famous and much loved characters have walked before you.”

      “You’ll never have this experience at the new set in Salford because these characters or the actors who played them have retired or died.”

      Glenda Young, editor of fan site corrie.net said: “We’re fully supporting the petition and encourage all Coronation Street fans to sign it.

      “If the site is demolished, a huge and important part of the UK’s cultural heritage will be lost. We must fight to save it, even if just a little bit of it is left as a nod to the past – for instance, some cobbles or a building facade.

      “I understand the site is to be developed, and a small part of the existing Corrie set could be incorporated into this as a place for fans to meet and visit in the future, to remember the past.”

      The set was used in the soap from 1982 up until January 2014, when the soap moved to its new base at MediaCity UK in Salford.

      Both Allied London and Manchester City Council have yet to comment on the petition.

      By: Robert Bhamber