24 September 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 11:35

      Tuesday 16, December 2014

      Petition set up to fix "threatening" road near Walkden nursery

      holly house nursery sign
      A PETITION is taking off on Change.org to get street lighting and repairs on an access road to a children’s nursery.

      Sue Ebsworth, owner of Holly House Day Nursery in Walkden, first started a petition about the road in December 2010. This was given to MP for Worsley & Eccles South Barbara Keeley and in March 2011 a letter was sent to the nursery confirming that the work was to take place. The work has still not even been started.

      The new petition describes the road’s conditions: “During the early mornings and evenings of the late autumn and the winter months visibility along this access road is virtually nil. It is extremely dark for pedestrians walking this way and the road is in a very bad state of repair with many pot holes.”

      Holly House pot hole
      Regarding the first petition, Ebsworth said: "In 2011 we sent our petition to Barbara Keeley, she was very helpful and spoke to the right people. We received a letter from Urban Vision saying that the road would be developed up to acceptable standards, including re-laying the tarmac of the road.”

      “That was in March 2011 and we’ve not seen anything come from it since. There’s no lighting on the road which makes it hard to see the pot holes, it’s quite a threatening walk down for staff and for the children and their parents.”


      The online petition has gained 28 supporters, out of its goal of 100, since it started on December 10th. There is also a physical petition with an estimated 50 signatures already. One supporter told how she is “genuinely concerned for my health and safety when leaving work.” Another said that “Without lighting and better road conditions someone will get hurt. There are parents with young children walking along the road where cars are unable to see in the dark evenings and mornings.”

      The pictures below show the street's conditions: 

      This photograph was taken at around 3:30pm. The road leads past the park and into Holly House Nursery. 

      holly house nursery darkThis photograph was taken less than an hour later. The only lights down the entire streets are car headlights. 

      Salford City Council and Urban Vision declined to comment and MP Barbara Keeley has been contacted for a response. 

      By Mike Birchall