21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 10:54

      Wednesday 10, December 2014

      Police turn to social media to tackle drink drivers


      AS CHRISTMAS approaches and the time for work parties and end of school terms begins, the emergency services have begun warning the public of the dangers of drinking too much and getting behind the wheel.

      Greater Manchester Police have already started their campaign by carrying out random breathalyser tests on drivers throughout the day and night during the month of December.

      The Police are taking the situation very seriously, with treating this as a crime like any other. For anyone caught over the limit the penalty will include at least a year’s driving ban, a criminal record and fine up to £5,000.

      Inspector Matt Bailey-Smith from GMP’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit and coordinator of this year’s anti-drink drive campaign said: “It’s really important that people understand that you don’t have to be drunk to be a drink driver. Just a couple of drinks presents a risk and can affect your ability to drive.

      Something that has changed this year is that the Police will be using social media to help prevent people from taking the risk. In Surrey and Sussex the Police are even going to the lengths of ‘tweeting’ the names of who is stopped, where and when.

      It’s unsure as of yet whether Greater Manchester Police will adopt this policy. Although they have warned people that next week while they are patrolling they will be communicating live via Twitter and keeping people up-to-date.

      Follow the Greater Manchester Police @gmpolice and @gmptraffic with the hashtag #nonefortheroad.

      By Robbie Kidd