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      Sunday 26, October 2014

      REVIEW: Fjallraven launch of the Greenland Backpacks

      Reviewing some of the hottest trends in fashion, blogger Eleni Mac reviews the launch of the Greenland Backpacks.

      Prior to the previous hype and admitted lusting over Fjallraven's Greenland Jacket, it was only apt that the brand extended the wonder and created an equal beauty in bag form. I'm so excited to be able to get my hands on The Greenand Backpack in both models - small and large, and to be able to share the release with you! 

      The 'Small' is the epitome of casual simplicity, and the colour variations are to die for. I chose the Mountain Grey because it's your classic autumnal shade that won't be difficult to match with an outfit. I love this model because it takes the 'geek' out of the backpack stereotype - it's cute and dinky in person, to give you an idea, my 13" Macbook Pro fits perfectly in the padded compartment at the back. So the size is perfect for essentials. 


      Don't be fooled though, it's actually a really hardwearing and durable piece, made from the same wax-able G-1000 material as the Greenland Jacket - it will withstand weather conditions and if you're a Fjallraven connoisseur, you'll know that the material gets better with age. 


      Price-wise, compared to the Greenland Jacket - it's a bit of a bargain in short. The 'Small' retails for £80, and The Sporting Lodge do free delivery over £75 so there's no buggy hidden cost!

       The 'Large' Greenland Backpack is the bigger version of the previously described, other than the main difference obviously being the size, there's two handy pockets at the front of the bag to store smaller essentials. This adds to the overall design of the product, too, as it reminds me more of a 'classic' backpack.  All the same G-1000 material and qualities, too! Size-wise, you'd be able to slip a 15in laptop in the inner padded compartment resting against your back. Both bags feature a drawstring and buckle opening. And adjustable straps! Oh, adjustable straps...


      I probably prefer the second design due to the pockets and practicality, but the smaller bag will definitely come in handy for shorter trips and is kind of more of a, cough, fashion accessory. 

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