21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 10:58

      Thursday 11, December 2014

      Retailers fear for footfall following Black Friday


      Newly released figures from Ipsos Retail Performance have revealed that UK retail stores were met with a 23% rise of Black Friday shoppers compared to last year’s event.

      Retailers have enjoyed their best November sales growth in five years, bringing fresh hope for a fruitful sales period during this year’s festivities.

      Reports from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) claim that particularly strong sales figures were received by retail giant John Lewis, who reported that their sales had almost doubled on a week-on-week basis, and risen 21.8% on the previous year to achieve a ground-breaking weekly record of £179.1 million during the promotion week.

      One Manchester based Tesco store was forced to close its doors only 36 minutes after opening due to a breakout of fighting. Another un-named customer in the Salford branch was also arrested on suspicion of assault after claims he told a staff member that he would ‘smash their face in.’

      The Manchester stores were then criticised by the GMP for the scenes after two further arrests were made for public order offences by officers.

      Though the figures bring hope to retailers prior to the Christmas period – they also raise questions and worries as to whether or not shoppers have spent all of their budgets during the promotion in hope of eliminating last minute present shopping.

      Most UK stores also coined another shopping promotion – ‘Cyber Monday’ – from the USA’s sales traditions.

      Cyber Monday was viewed by the majority of shoppers and retailers as the last major shopping event prior to the Christmas sales, and probably one of the last chances to order items online with the guarantee that they would reach shoppers before Christmas itself, with numerous stores facing backlogs of orders.

      Statistics on the success of the event are yet to be released – however it was forecasted by shopping experts that consumers would spend up to £750m in 24 hours.

      Predictions of statistics were provided to the public by online retailing trade association, IMRG, who claimed that online traffic was expected to see a rise of 26% on the same day last year – with shoppers spending an average of £470,000 per minute.

      Further figures from the Cyber Monday promotions are expected to be released later today.

      By Freya Budd