23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 30-05-2015 07:02

      Manchester 'SPANKATHON' held in protest against new porn laws

      A 'SPANKATHON' in protest against new pornography restrictions was staged in Manchester on Sunday.

      Charlotte Rose and protester, protest with public spanking.

      The event, held at Sackville Gardens, was attended by over 30 people with some making speeches and participating in a spanking event to Madonna’s song, Hanky Panky.


      Charlotte Rose, "political campaigner and sexual trainer," organised the protest in addition to the staged mass face-sitting event outside the Houses of Parliament in December 2014.


      She said: “They have utilised the previous laws and stretched them to censor your activities without consent.


      “It was done without debate.


      “This is not about pornography, this is about an attack on liberties, sexual freedom and freedom of speech.”


      ATVOD, the Authority For Television On Demand, updated existing guidelines set out by the British Board of Film Censors that regulate DVD pornography to include paid-for-video-on-demand online porn.

      This means that some sex acts, including face-sitting, fisting and spanking, have been banned from content produced and sold in Britain.

      Jane Fae, from Consenting Adult Action Network who spoke at the event, said: “They are Imposing a standard upon the internet here.


      “What is really wrong about these regulations and filters is that it filters sites like LGBT side, sites that are relevant.


      “Young people are going into libraries and sites, trying to find their sexual identity and if you see a big sign saying what you want to view is banned, you will think that your sexuality is wrong.”

      Protesters peform 'spankathon' to Madonna's Hanky Panky.

      Dennis Queen, 41, Co-Convener of Consenting Adult Network, said: “The government and the rest of these bodies are telling us what we might look at and do – we don’t want to see our sexuality criminalised.


      “We don’t want the government in our bedrooms.”


      Independent UK porn producers, especially producers of BDSM and female dominatrix pornography, have been particularly affected.


      Holly Taberner, 26, said: “I’m a pro-dom and make my own fetish clips so the regulations have affected me quite badly.


      “You usually have to buy fetish porn, but the big free porn sites are the ones easy to access for children. These regulations won’t affect them.”

      ATVOD Chief Executive, Peter Johnson, said: "Most websites which allow UK children to access hard core pornography operate from outside the UK and therefore fall outside ATVOD’s remit.

      "ATVOD will continue to discuss further options for reducing the exposure of children to pornography on websites based both inside and outside the UK. We strongly support initiatives to take up parental control software.”


      Ms Rose added: “It's not pornography’s responsibility to come into your house and ensure that the account your child is on has restrictions."


      More events are planned to take place later this year, with a mass caning protest on April 5 in Birmingham and a mass-whipping on May 3 in Brighton.

      By Joe Wilkinson