23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 11:14

      Thursday 18, December 2014

      Salford Befriending Scheme combats loneliness at Christmas


      NOT having any contact with anyone throughout the week is a concept unimaginable to most of us, especially in today’s society in which we have a constant friend in our pocket ‘liking’ our photos, texting and commenting on our lives every hour, let alone every week.


      But this is not the case for everyone. Many people go through the day with no one to talk to or interact with, and at Christmas time this is a cause Salford Befriending Scheme hope to draw attention to.


      The idea for a befriending scheme in Salford came from retired social worker M
      avis Grundy from Boothstown in 2013.


      Mrs Grundy, 71, has been volunteering since the age of 15, so with over 50 years of service to Salford under her belt she felt it was time to set up some help for those who are in need but often forgotten.


      “There’s nothing worse than people being isolated. Some people we know are housebound, so it would make a huge difference if someone could go round and sit and chat with them for an hour.”


      Volunteers for the scheme are first safety checked and then matched with local residents who need company or help with day to day tasks.


      “Some people might find it hard to do their shopping or get out to social events or they may be nervous about joining a group and would like a friend to go with them the first few times.”


      The scheme is supported by Salford City Council’s health improvement team which help find volunteers and provide training along with the Cyril Flint charity.


      Anyone interested in the Befriending Scheme can contact Salford City Councils health improvements team on 0800 952 1000.


      By Chelsey Lordan