23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-03-2015 08:43

      Salford Foodbank dispute Budget 2015 claims that living standards have improved for the poor

      SALFORD'S food bank has hit back at George Osborne`s claims that "Britain is walking tall again".

      Salford Central Foodbank’s figures show a 70% increase in people relying on emergency food packages last year- despite the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s announcement that Britain was finally recovering from austerity measures.

      Osborne (pictured above) said in his 2015 Budget speech  that the Conservative government had massively improved living standards over the last five years.

      The Chancellor said: “Today, the latest projections show that living standards will be higher than when we came to office.”

      Mark Whittington, manager of Salford Central Foodbank, disputed any indication that living standards had improved in Salford.

      Mr Whittington said:  “Living standards haven’t improved we didn’t exist five years ago and last year we saw a 70% increase of people in Salford needing to turn to the foodbank.”

      Labour Leader Ed Miliband said he was in disbelief over the Chancellor’s claims that living standards for working families had improved.

      Miliband added: “There’s never been a bigger gap between the rhetoric of the Chancellor’s speech and the reality of people’s lives.”

      The Salford food bank is part of the Trussel Trust network that provides a minimum of three days of emergency food supplies and support to those in crisis throughout Britain.

      Despite the 2015 Budget showing a 0.1% decrease in unemployment the Salford foodbank say they have seen a rise in employed people in the area desperate for supplies of food.

      Mr Whittington said: “Some of the people using the foodbanks are employed and find themselves in crisis due to zero hour contracts and unexpected bills.”

      “Although this is a problem throughout Britain the North West certainly seems to have had the sharp end in the increase in poverty.”

      For any information on Salford Central Foodbank ring: 0161 6374500.

      Gabriella Lee