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      Monday 06, October 2014

      Salford councillor hopes for community togetherness following Henning death

      A world in mourning: Alan Henning's death has been globally grieved

      A SALFORD councillor hopes the city's community will come together in support for the family of Alan Henning, after the aid worker was murdered by ISIL last week.


      Mr Henning, 47 from Eccles, was beheaded by Islamic State militants on Friday evening and footage of his death was later posted online, much to the horror of a global population who had previously pleaded for his release.


      In the aftermath of this tragic event Christopher Clarkson, a Worsley Conservative councillor, says he expects the people of Salford to lead by example in giving their full support to Mr Henning’s family. 


      “Salford has always had a strong community spirit and people here care deeply about their neighbours,” Cllr Clarkson said.


      “We saw a community come together not just in Salford, but globally, which pleaded for Alan's release, and I think a worldwide response is the only thing which will have any lasting impact.



      “People the world over have core values of decency and respect for life, regardless of culture or religion and Salford's response will, as always, be an example to follow.


      “I believe that in our shared grief we'll show our best side and try to do something positive to honour the man that Alan was and I hope that as a community we can support them (Mr Henning’s family) in this dark time.”


      Several memorial services have already taken place over the weekend to pay tribute to Mr Henning, a former Salford taxi driver, and Paul Goddard, 31 from Newton Heath, was one of many to attend a service in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens yesterday.

      “The service was very emotional and it was nice to see all religions and beliefs come together for the loss of such a gentle soul,” Mr Goddard reflected.

      Remember: Memorial service in Manchester's Piccadilly Gardens - Image: Paul Goddard

      “There were some nice words said about the chap and everyone there felt the presence and seriousness of the ISIL situation. They were labelled as ‘scum’ and ‘not of a religious order’.

      “I didn't know Alan but what I do know is that he was a very deep, caring person and was just trying to do his bit by making the world a better place.


      Gone but not forgotten: Candles lit in memory of Alan Henning - Image: Paul Goddard

      “He was ripped from life by merciless thugs and his family now suffer the aftermath of this tragic happening.


      “I'm sure some kind of justice will find its way in the memory of Alan Henning one day and that day will be here sooner rather than later.”


      Prime Minister David Cameron released a bold statement of intent when he confirmed the execution of Mr Henning as it read: “The brutal murder of Alan Henning by ISIL shows just how barbaric and repulsive these terrorists are.


      “We will do all we can to hunt down these murderers and bring them to justice.”


      Quays News previously asked readers whether the UK was doing enough to tackle the Islamic State and the poll results revealed that two thirds, of those who took part, said ‘No’.

      See the full results below…


      Responding to the same question, Cllr Clarkson replied: “I think it's important to see if ISIL can be contained using air strikes first.


      “Committing troops to another middle-eastern conflict requires a detailed plan, success criteria and an exit plan. We all still remember the disaster of the 2003 Iraq invasion.”


      If the air strikes fail, history may well repeat itself with ground troops potentially being introduced at a later date – something former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has pretty much backed since this conflict began.


      By Liam McCallion

      (Twitter: @LiamMcCallion23)