21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 11:55

      Wednesday 10, December 2014

      Salford road closure damaging local businesses

      A TEMPORARY road closure has affected local businesses and motorists since works began on the railway bridge on A576 Broughton Road, Salford.

      The Network Rail bridge maintenance work between Cobden Street and Lissadel Street has forced car users to find a new route until the closure comes to an end on 16 July 2015.

      Being one of the busiest roads that connects all traffic from Manchester to Liverpool & Eccles, businesses within the area have been badly affected by the closure due to customer loss.

      Marcin Suidaj, a local fitness supplement store employee, said: “This is a main road, people used to drive past us all the time and this would bring in more customers. Now nobody passes our store on their way so nobody sees us and this has already resulted in a significant fall in our sales.

      “I know they have to finish these works and we can do nothing about it but we already can’t wait for the summer. If it the closure goes on for any longer than this summer I think we will be in a real financial crisis.

      “It’s certainly nice and quiet now for a change but I most definitely do prefer it when it’s busy.”


      The closure was required to enable the demolition and rebuild of the network rail bridge as part of the electrification of the railway network with overhead line equipment between Manchester and Preston via Salford and Oldham.

      The bridge will be re-opened for a short period of time between 20 December and 5 January 2015 to prevent the chaotic traffic during Christmas & New Year’s period.

      The bus diversions for the Broughton Road closure can be find here.

      By Koray Erol