23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-03-2015 09:37

      Salford searches for foster home for family of six brothers and sisters

      SALFORD City Council is desperately seeking a home for a family of six brothers and sisters who fear being separated.

      The local authority is struggling to find potential foster parents with at least three spare rooms to care for the siblings.

      The north-west wide search has received over 100 inquiries but so afre nobody has been able to provide enough space to house all the youngsters together.

      This family is the largest that Salford City Council has sought to help and has been described as ‘its biggest challenge ever’.

      Aged from eight to 15, the children cannot return to their parents and are determined to stay together.

      The group of four brothers and two sisters have had a troubling childhood and one suffers from learning difficulties.

      The council is now appealing to find a family willing to take the children in until the youngest has turned 18.

      Councillor John Merry, Salford Assistant Mayor and chairman of the city's Corporate Parenting Panel, said: “They are all very close and supportive of each other.

      “Ideally we want to keep them local so they can stay at their present schools and keep them all together.

      “But the children understand that it may be difficult to find one home for all of them and are willing to split into two groups of three and change schools as long as they can keep in close contact with their brothers and sisters.

      "We often have to find placements for sibling groups but this is the biggest group we have ever had to accommodate - hence the appeal to the public. We’re overwhelmed at the responses and messages of support for the children which have come in.”

      Ideal candidates will have one person at home full time, although part-time workers will be considered.

      Experience with child care is also a necessity.

      The council are offering day to day support with transport and allowance to the right couple.

      Anyone who is interested can contact children's services on 0161 779 7800.

      Rebecca Ore