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      Monday 27, April 2015

      Smoke engulfs Salford after Adelphi Street blaze

      Salford fire on Adelphi Street
      HEAVY plumes of black smoke loomed across the Salford skyline on Monday evening from a fire on Adelphi Street.

      The blaze broke out shortly before 6pm with a large stack of tyres at the heart of the fire opposite the University of Salford's Adelphi building on the main campus.


      Hundreds of witnesses took to social media to post images of the blaze, the smoke from which could even be seen from some areas in Manchester city centre.



      Our reporter @BenSenior_ obtained the following footage as the Greater Manchester Police joined the fire service at the scene:


      In a statement, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service's Jon Crawley said: "The fire is on open land and involved a large quantity of tyres. Initially there was thick, acrid smoke but the fire is under control and the smoke is now gone".

      Firefighters are likely to remain at the scene for several hours despite gradually scaling back their operation. A 200 metre cordon has been instated around the scene after corners that acetylene cylinders may be involved with the fire.

      The fire is the second blaze to be reported in the Salford area after a recycling plant was reported ablaze last night, closing Frederick Road.

      The earlier fire caused several hours worth of traffic chaos, particularly during the morning commute.

      By Daniel Wright