23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 11-12-2014 02:43

      Thursday 11, December 2014

      Sorry to say it again, it's Moyesey

      Ridiculed by some for his interviewing style whilst at Manchester United. David Moyes has attempted to show off his limited Spanish lingo in recent Real Sociedad interview.

      He’s definitely trying to show the media he’s willing to learn Spanish as he attempts to get his career back on track.


      However telling reporters: ‘I know about the B-team, I know some of the players, they’ve been training with des, tres, cuatros times’ has caused the clip to go viral on social media sites like Vine, Twitter and Facebook.


      The Scotsman isn’t the first to go from English football to foreign waters, only to have their newly found accent rather amusing.


      Steve McLaren’s infamous interview with his Dutch accent brought a smile to many peoples faces, not to mention Joey Barton’s questionable French accent whilst at French club Marseille.

      Despite the obvious language barrier, the former Everton manager has enjoyed a relatively successful start to his new job. Although he suffered his first loss in a 4-0 drumming to Villarreal, he had secured a win and a draw in his first two games previously.


      Lets just hope he picks up the language as quickly as the Sociedad fans are expecting him to pick up the points.

      By James Clarke