23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 22-04-2015 09:05

      Stand up against depression: 'The most underrated illness that could be deadly'

      Warrington Borough Council is encouraging residents to stand up against depression.
      Cathy Clover posts in support- #standupagainstdepression


      The council is working with the charity, Depression Alliance, to spread the word about Depression Awareness Week, taking place 20th to 26th April.

      Supporters are being asked to post photos of themselves onto Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #StandUpAgainstDepression.

      Previous Bupa nurse and sufferer of depression and bi-polar, Cathy Clover, aged 49, said: “It’s been stigmatised for so long, but it exists. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it's any less demobilising than heart disease.

      “People can still be very ignorant about mental health issues. If they just realised that from a physiological point of view, the brain is the most complicated part of the body and depression is a malfunction of it.”

      Cathy has suffered with depression and bi-polar since her teens, and has had to give up work because her condition makes her suffer from severe highs and dangerously manic breakdowns.

      “I’d describe as being in a lift shaft on the way down to hell, just when you think you can’t hit further, you drop even lower. I had to go off sick as I couldn’t physically cope.

      “Warrington services were fantastic, they were very understanding, informative and helpful. the whole team were excellent. But it helps to find a good GP who is up to date with mental health issues.

      “Many still don't take it seriously and should be ashamed of themselves. They don't take it seriously and yet it can be deadly.”

      Director of Public Health, Dr Rita Robertson, said: “Depression can affect anyone of any age and can happen to one in ten of us at some point in our lives. People experiencing depression often have intense emotions of anxiety, hopelessness and negativity that stay with them over time.

      “I’m glad to see that we’re supporting Depression Awareness Week and would urge local residents to get involved.”

      The council also urges residents who think they could be suffering, or know someone that is, to ask for help from your GP. For more information on mental health issues and local and national organisations offering support, visit http://www.happyoksad.org.uk/.

      By Rebecca Ore