21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 18-12-2014 10:10

      Tuesday 09, December 2014

      Stockport school turned into nature development

      A STOCKPORT primary school academy have begun building on a development that will make them into a forest-like education centre.


      Mellor Primary School, in Marple, have begun work on a project, created by architect Eleanor Brough and built by MPS Construction,that will give their students a unique chance to study nature first hand as well as making the school green and sustainable.

      Headteacher Jim Nicholson said “The school is protected by greenbelt and we wanted to harness the sustainability and to make sure it was in-keeping with the surrounding area which is full of woodland. The insulation will be made up of stray bales as we believe this is something that will help the environment.”

      “Obviously you need great teachers that go's without saying but you also need a top quality environment and I strongly believe the idea of an environmental based building will help our children in years to come. “I believe we are creating a learning space that is rather special.”

      The project, which is expected to cost around £550,000, is set to be complete in April 2015 and will be complete with a “habitat wall” which is to encourage creatures such as bats and birds to live on the wall.


      Jim revealed, “The initial idea came about after I spoke with the key governors and we all collectively agreed an environmental theme with recycled materials was the way forward.

      “The wall at the end of the classroom will be a habitat wall, one we believe will be one of the largest in Europe. I am delighted we've been able to do this. It will benefit us for years to come.”

      By Will Smith