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      Friday 19, December 2014

      Strain on parents proves too much over Christmas period

      In light of recent statistics, Greater Manchester is the most poverty stricken area in the UK. And it’s only going to get worse over the Christmas period.


      One in four children live in poverty in the region, and 22.6% of households claimed income tax support, well over the average of 19% per region in the UK.


      The statistics were release last week by the Greater Manchester Poverty Action Group. Speaking on the pressure Christmas brings to parents, Roseanne Sweeney, the Wood Street Mission chief executive, said:


      ‘‘There is huge expense and expectations around Christmas and people on low incomes are just as affected by this as everyone else. Children who are poor want the same toys and presents as their peers and their parents like all parents want to give them the things they want.’’


      Wood Street Mission work closely with the Greater Manchester Poverty Action Group to help tackle issues like these in the area. They aim to provide support for families who are struggling through their own mitigating circumstances to make ends meet.


      Roseanne believes ‘‘education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty’’ however the weight of expectation over the Christmas period can lead to parents ‘‘going without the basics to give their children the presents they want.’’


      Every year parents try and find away to tick off every box on their children’s Christmas wish list. Whether it’s a brand new games console, a new smartphone, or even the latest fashion. Whatever it is, you try your best to afford it.


      Mum of three, Sarah Healey stated that there’s, ‘‘definitely too much pressure on parents over Christmas.’’


      The 41-year-old from Rossendale continued: ‘‘You don’t want your kids to miss out on things like Xbox’s when all their friends have them as it makes them feel left out at school and amongst their friends.’’


      ‘‘I used to worry about paying it off after Christmas but it was all about making sure that most things on their list were wrapped up under the tree on Christmas morning. I would go without myself to fund Christmas Day.


      ‘‘We are tempted into debt by places like Argos who make credit easily available. Everything can be bought now and paid for later.’’

      Picture credit: jgojtan (pixabay)