21 October 2018   |  Last Updated 19-12-2014 11:18

      Friday 12, December 2014

      Survivors Manchester given almost £100,000 by Ministry of Justice

      Survivors Manchester, a charity working to help male victims of sexual assault, has been given a grant by the Male Rape Support Fund, a branch of the Ministry of Justice.

      This is the first ever fund specifically designated to helping male victims and comes as part of a larger campaign under the banner of “Break the Silence”.

       It is hoped this money will help Survivors Manchester provide greater access to crucial information, as well as allow them to provide greater emotional support either in person or online.

      Survivors Manchester currently helps male victims in a variety of ways and also seeks to train the next generation of therapists intending to tackle male abuse.

      Victims will be able to anonymously access as much help as they need without judgement and regardless of location.

      The funding will be allocated over a period of two years which will be used to employ therapists and expand their space of operations to allow group sessions.

      Duncan Craig, CEO of Survivors Manchester set up the organisation because he felt there was no support during his own experiences with abuse and realised that other men were also desperately in need of help.

      He said, “I am delighted that Survivors Manchester will receive this money to help us continue to deliver front line therapeutic support to the boys and men that ask us for help.”

      This funding comes as the Government attempts to push through a wide-scale change in attitudes on mental health and trauma, with a focus on understanding how many victims of mental issues and abuse are going unheard.

      Mr Craig explained how he was particularly pleased at the attempt to help male victims, previously ignored.

      “But I’m also delighted that the Government, in particular the Ministry of Justice has set out this fund because it finally recognises males as survivors. It says to the country that we exist and something is being done to address the gap in support provision.”

      Ministry of Justice statistics estimate that there were 75,000 male victims of sexual assault in the UK in 2012/13 despite the Police figures showing less than 3,000 offences of male rape or sexual assault being reported.

      The charity is also aiming to offer support to suicidal men by allowing them to access the therapy and care provided to victims of abuse, suicide is the biggest killer amongst men under 45.

      By Joe Harker.