23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 11-01-2015 02:11

      The Halloween Houses in Swinton raises 3k for Cancer Research UK

      THE Halloween House in Swinton raised £3,082 for Cancer Research UK after 1,600 visitors came down to have a look and donate. 

      The "spooky" house on Station Road in Swinton belongs to Samantha, 47, and Martin Lee, 53, nurses at Magical Moments Nursery, and is famously known for its haunted Halloween displays.

      The couple started the tradition to decorate their house five years ago with organizing a Halloween party for family and friends. This year they decided to open it to the general public and to collect donations for charity.

      Martin and Samantha Lee chose Cancer Research UK after Mr Lee‘s sister Maureen Cheadle survived cervical cancer earlier this year and Mrs Lee lost a very good friend to breast cancer. 

      Samantha Lee said: "We know a few people close to us who are living with cancer one sort or another  and we just thought it is a disease that nearly everybody has been in contact with either directly or indirectly so we knew that it will be going to a good cause."

      Mr Lee put the props and the decorations out on October 1 but two days after they got stollen and destroyed.

      Gutted by what happened, he was on the verge to give up but his niece Hollie Cheadle set up a Facebook page and her status went viral with over 2000 shares.

      In response, the couple received a lot of local support from the community and businesses like ASDA Pendlebury and the Magical Moments Nursery, where they work.

      Samantha Lee said: "A bad thing turned out to be a good thing. People started asking how to donate, we set up a Just Giving page and people have been knocking on the door, just bringing us money and sweets for the children. So we decided to carry on and make it bigger and better."


      With giant spiders, zombies crawling down the walls and skeletons coming from the ceiling, the house has attracted more than 1, 600 visitors over the last week.

      Sally Keane, a 27-year-old resident of Swinton, said: "My daughter makes me drive past the house everyday. It is wonderful, a lot of time and effort have gone to it. It is fabulous for the children, brings the community together and it is all going for a good cause."

      To make the tour even more special, Martin Lee ordered from the USA pressure-activated models from Hollywood-style horror films. You can see a preview of some of them in the video below:


      The couple is considering to do the Halloween House in 2015 as well. Mr Lee said: "We are going to come back, maybe we are going to have some new props. But since Christmas is sooner we will try to prepare something for it first."

      Tommorow is the last chance to check out the Halloween House from 10am-4pm. You can find it on the following address:

      by Stanislava Antova