23 October 2018   |  Last Updated 05-03-2015 07:27

      Wednesday 25, February 2015

      UPDATED: Students get the opportunity to help out during Volunteer Week

      STUDENTS are being encouraged to help out in their local communities as part of volunteer week at the University of Salford.


      A whopping 63 per cent of students who were surveyed as part of a recent study on the subject said they had done some kind of formal volunteering since starting university.


      As Julia Spencer from the university's Student Life explains, students can use volunteering experiences as a way of showing off their skills and personality to future employers.

      As part of the week's events, 'Good Deed Day' saw the area around the main university campus cleared of litter by some local students.

      The week also brought in the electronic company VIPER- who provide video identification parades for police forces in the UK.  They rely on volunteers to use as 'stand-ins' to make up a police line-up so suspects can be identified.  Data Co-ordinator Will Wordie spoke to Quays News.

      By: Siobhan Maguire